Friday, February 29, 2008

Momentarily retired

So I said I was going to start a blog to fill you all in on my european adventure, so here I go! (be patient... I can't spell and I write like I talk!) I am back in Seattle for the month of March and already a little stir crazy...can't wait to have my own place, but things are good. The drive up was an adventure in itself! I detoured through LA and spent a few days with Erica in Santa Monica, and then went to see Mike and co in Redondo beach. A few pictures from the Redondo adventures... We went to a Kings game, went on a beach cruiser pub crawl, and Mike rented a boat and we went sailing :) all and all good times! Erica and I had a nice time being a little more mellow, (which is exactly what I needed) She was a hot valentine though!

I headed up north the following week and spent the weekend with Kelly Howell in Bend Oregon. She has a great house and fun roommates and a cute boyfriend! We went out to dinner a few times and I got to meet some of her friends. I mostly enjoyed our day skiing and wandering around the town! We had a great time on Friday night as well drinking wine and playing dominos :) Pics of that as well.

I got back to Seattle on Sunday. I am staying at my sisters house in Bremerton so it is very relaxing and I am spending time sleeping and working out! The mountains are beautiful and I miss the northwest a lot, but still sad I am not in SF. The weather has been decent and I got a beautiful welcome on Sunday with 65 and sunny skies, especially after my cross over the Oregon mountain passes ( I thought I was going to die for sure!) Thats pretty much all for now. I will update with more adventures as they happen, but pretty much I am in Seattle until April 1st.