Friday, June 13, 2008

Italy update one...

I am in love with ALL things Italian! Jill and I flew into Milan last wednesday. We spent the day wondering around and of course eating and drinking. The next day we went to Lake Como which is Unreal!! We took the bus from Como to Bellagio which was quite possibly the worst bus ride of my life! I am pretty sure I was green. We opted to take the boat back and what a great choice! Such a beautiful ride and great way to spend two hours :) We had a great dinner and then got up early the next day and headed for Venice. I had heard terrible things about Venice so I wasn't expecting much. I was pleasently surprised! We had great weather and had a nice time roaming around and taking it all in. The busses are all boats! So crazy! We had Belini's at Harrys Bar...yikes! £17 later..but I guess we can say we did it :) They say they invented them and it was just like the buena vista in San Francisco. WE met a great couple on their honeymoon and ended up going on the pub crawl that Rick steves suggests in his book :) So much fun!
Saturday we left for Cinque terra...we stayed at the CUTTEST B&B in Monterosso and I seriously never wanted to leave. The first day we were there we went on the hike...a lot more challenging than we were aware of but amazing and I would do it again anyday! I can't wait to get my pictures uploaded! Swimming in the Medditeranian may have been the coolest thing I have ever done! The water is so incredible and swimming out and looking back at all the towns is awesome! We were there for five nights...we ended up extending one day there because we loved it so much! We were locals in no time and made friends with all the lifeguards and our favorite bar employees! We also met a great couple from Sun Valley and some fun people from Australia. I was sad leaving yesterday but had a great first night in Florance so all is well! We ended up running into one of the Australians that we met in Cinque Terra yesterday and invited him to join us for wine and then ended up hanging out the rest of the day. I am sold on Australia now and can't wait for my next big adventure!
Not sure if I will be returning anytime soon! Just loving everything and meeting the best people!
Hope everyone is doing well :) More to come soon!

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