Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rock in Rio

Saturday Jill and I ventured to this concert called Rock in Rio! We had been seeing signs around town but weren't sure if we could get tickets. It is apparently one of the biggest music concerts in Europe, and only happens every other year. I can't wait to see the 2010 lineup...I may need to come back! Anyway we took the train and were happy to easily get tickets. The amount of people was unreal! It was in a HUGE park and there were various rides and vendors. There was even a fake snow mountain people were tubing down...oh and a zip line going across the crowd! I think we were pleased most with the 3 euro beers that were huge! We wandered around the grounds and then got ourselve a good spot for the first preformer...Alanis Morrisett! She was awesome! Then of course the main event Bon Jovi! We had an incredible time and I am stalking the concert websites so we can go to more!

Off to Italy tommorrow... be back in three weeks!

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Le Meems said...


I just got caught up on your adventure! I am so jealous you saw Alanis AND The Jovemeister ; )

I need to come out.

love ya,